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Sensei Releases Clinical Dashboard and Mobile Disease Management Trackers

The newly released clinical dashboard expands capabilities of the already robust Sensei InTouch™ communication, administrative and analytics portal. With roles-based access, coaches and clinicians view real-time data for members from all health trackers, as well as screenings and HRA results. They can then communicate securely with users via their mobile application enhancing the connection, reach and effectiveness of clinical interactions.

Included in this release are blood pressure and glucose tracking functionality, integrating disease management into the existing wellbeing capabilities. Access to real-time data allows health care team members to interact with users at critical junctures, positively impacting their health and wellbeing.

Coaches and clinicians are able to push goals, tasks and challenges to mobile app users as well as track progress towards goals.

Our newest release represents a significant enhancement to our population health engagement platform. The new dashboard provides clinical professionals such as physicians, nurses, and health coaches with a scalable solution that displays user data, while allowing them to view trends, set goals, monitor task compliance, set alerts and preventive screenings. We integrate disparate data and provide a user-friendly 360 degree view of the member. Combined with our exceptionally powerful communications tool, Sensei InTouch™, our platform has become an industry-leading population health solution.” – says Ashley Reynolds, Ph.D., recognized digital health expert and Sensei’s Chief Operations Officer.

The launch augments the existing digital health coach, a key component to Sensei’s customizable mobile application, allowing users to manage health and wellbeing in as single application.

These highly anticipated features, are the latest in a series of major enhancements to the functionality and intelligence of the Sensei mobile application and supporting web based administrative platform (providing clinical and administrative oversight, communication management and analytics). Sensei provides HIPAA-secure, platform solutions to health systems, insurance providers and employers to promote engagement, utilization and health.

About Sensei

Sensei is a healthcare technology company providing patented, HIPAA-secure platform solutions for organizations seeking to improve member health, engagement & empowerment. With tools allowing customers to effectively communicate and reach nearly 100% of their population, to reduce strain on resources, control healthcare expenses and boost employee performance. Sensei has been bringing extensive experience in population health, mobility and information systems to improve programs in health, wellness, chronic illness and benefits since 2005.

Sensei is headquartered in League City, TX. Contact us for further information about Sensei, LLC.

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