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COVID-19 Updated Protocols

Sensei has always been on a mission to promote preventative care and healthy lifestyle choices.
But now — more than ever — our commitment to wellbeing is top of mind. As we collectively respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking actionable measures to deliver safe experiences grounded in science, bolstered by technology and sustained by compassion.

At Sensei Lāna‘i, a Four Seasons Resort, we are proud to announce the roll out of our new health and safety program, Lead With Care. In addition, we are leveraging the knowledge and expertise of our co-founder, Dr. David Agus, a world-leading physician and scientist to ensure that our protocols reflect the latest research and recommendations.

During these uncertain times, rest assured that there is one thing that has not changed: our inherent, heartfelt intention to help you grow well.

Travel to Hawaii and Maui County:

Hawaii Safe Travels restrictions ended on 03/25/2022 at 11:59pm (HST). Travelers arriving on 03/26/2022 and beyond are no longer be required to complete a Safe Travels application to enter Hawaii.

For the latest State health information, travel restrictions and safety protocols, please visit For further information and Maui County guidelines, visit For booking information, contact Sensei Lana’i, A Four Seasons Resort directly at (808) 400-5734.

General Safety and Hygiene Initiatives
  • Extensive COVID-19 training for all Sensei employees
  • Establishment of a new position, COVID-19 Officer, to ensure compliance of health and safety guidelines
  • Stringent cleaning standards of all guestrooms and public areas
  • Employees are trained to mask and socially distance when appropriate
  • Guests will complete a COVID-19 screening at the front/Sensei desk prior to all spa treatments
  • Expanded Four Seasons chat and app capabilities to enhance the guest experience and reduce need for employee interaction when not desired
  • Virtual staff interactions in lieu of in-person meetings when appropriate
  • As part of our investment in the latest in safety technologies, the resort will be implementing UV light cleaners, blacklight inspection protocols, UV cleansing technology and Hepa filtration for HVAC systems, nanoseptic coverings, ozone cleaning systems and electro static disinfectant sprayers
  • 2-4 hour turnaround time between guest stays for rooms for housekeeping service and once daily housekeeping when possible
  • Sanitizer stations throughout the resort and PPE arrival kit supplied to guests upon arrival
  • In-Room COVID-19 Nasal PCR testing is available by an independent medical service with results in 48 hours
Hotel Enhancements
  • Options for no-touch experience transportation to the resort and guest transportation during stay
  • Increased private options for island activities including: Lāna‘i Ocean Sports, Lāna‘i Archery and Shooting Range, Lāna‘i Ranch and Lāna‘i Adventure Center
  • Pre-arrival check-in via Four Seasons app for touchless check-in process
  • Exclusive Lāna‘i Air lounge will be available as an amenity for Lāna‘i Air arrivals
  • Existing iPad technology in guestrooms will be further enhanced to allow for more touchless services
Food & Beverage
  • Sensei by Nobu and the Garden Bar will be open and available with reduced occupancy for increased social distancing
  • Menus will be made available digitally for touchless ordering service
  • Guests will have the option to preorder meals via the Four Seasons app or in-room iPad prior to dining reservation
Resort Amenities
  • The resort pool will be open and available daily
Spa & Salon:
  • Employees will go through extensive retraining on disinfection and safety protocols
  • PPE (including masks and gloves) will be ready and available for all staff, vendors, and guests
  • Private, 1,000-square-foot spa hales are available to book for secluded, self-guided spa experiences
  • Due to the close nature of aquatic body work and facial treatments, guests will need to provide proof of vaccination prior to service.
  • Extended time allotted between appointments for deep cleaning/laundering/sanitation
  • Guests and practitioners will be required to wear face coverings during spa and salon services
  • Guests are encouraged to shower before and after any spa treatment
  • All shared collateral and periodicals will be removed
Fitness & Wellness:
  • Soap, sanitizer and PPE to be accessible at stations throughout yoga and fitness areas
  • Additional options for private fitness and 1:1 sessions
  • Fitness Center will feature a modified floor plan designed to increase space between equipment
  • Group classes will reduce capacity to maintain at least 3 feet of distance between participants
  • Classes schedule will be staggered to facilitate thorough disinfection
  • Ahead of classes, individual guest stations will be set-up with all necessary, sanitized equipment (props/towel/water bottle)