Wellness Retreat Los Angeles - Sensei Lānaʻi and Porcupine Creek
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Set in some of the world’s most secluded and inspiring settings, Sensei wellbeing retreats are designed to meet you at any point on your wellness journey. Experience the lifelong benefits of personalized packages and curated programs where a team of Sensei Guides and wellness practitioners help to distill preventative health practices into three simple paths for everyday living: Move, Nourish and Rest.

How we interact with the world Move

Explore practices through breath, strength and flexibility to meet your unique needs and establish healthy habits.


Through this practice, you’ll have more strength and fewer restrictions, improved coordination and balance, increased endurance and, ultimately, you will feel more connected to your physical self. 


Align your body and mind on goals that inspire you with movement offerings that include group classes and one-on-one personal training sessions.


Explore outdoor activities that give you space to grow. Discover a world of recreational possibilities that helps you engage with the environment around you and recalibrate your natural rhythms.

What fuels us Nourish

To nourish your whole self, our team of culinary experts, nutritionists and mindfulness practitioners will help you understand what your body and mind need to feel its best.


At Sensei by Nobu, our innovative chefs honor fresh, local ingredients by crafting meals that fuse culinary delight with nutrition that fuels your body and mind.


By eating consistently and making small changes at mealtime, you can strengthen your relationship with food to experience both sustenance and enjoyment.


Nourish your soul by practicing mindfulness, daily gratitude, stress relief and meditation, and connecting with the natural world around you.

How we recover and grow Rest

Learn important practices for unwinding and tuning into your body. Effective downtime leads to greater creativity and productivity by giving the brain a chance to relax and refresh its ideas.


Whether it’s developing an optimal sleep routine, caring for your body with a massage, surrounding yourself with good company or just being still, our expert team helps with a variety of activities and non-activities.


By erasing the boundaries between indoor and outdoor environments — including extensive gardens and spacious accommodations — each space is designed to inspire self-reflection and help reveal what your body needs.


Restore balance through personalized bodywork and facial treatments. Experienced spa practitioners incorporate traditional healing techniques and cutting-edge technology to meet your unique needs.

Let Us
Guide You

At our wellbeing retreats, dedicated Sensei Guides and highly trained practitioners support your wellbeing journey with evidence-based practices, cutting-edge technology and enriching knowledge to deepen the impact of your stay. Find what inspires you through personalized wellness experiences and programs, set within some of the most restorative and beautifully designed resorts in the world. Select from unique packages such as a fully optimized wellness program structured around your health data, a flexible stay with curated wellbeing activities, or other personalized options that support your unique journey.

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