Let us meet you on your wellbeing journey with the highest health and safety standards, detailed here.


Immersive Wellbeing

Sensei is here to meet you on your journey. 

Our premier Guided Sensei Experience bridges your intentions with daily practices. Speak with a Pre-Arrival Specialist and meet with a personally matched Sensei Guide. Your team relies on insights from your Pre-Arrival Questionnaire and our proprietary technology to design your itinerary. 

Our Select-Choice option includes luxury accommodations and complimentary wellbeing activities, with the option to reserve a la carte activities from our abundant Experiences Menu.

*View availability and pricing in our Experiences Menu, subject to change.

Optimal Wellbeing Program

A five-night, augmented wellness experience incorporating personal health data and expert guidance to optimize your wellbeing

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Private 1:1 Instruction

Private sessions provide the opportunity to go deeper into the paths and practices that align with your intentions. Each session with one of our wellbeing professionals is designed to optimize your personal discovery and needs.

Seats set out on the dock by the water
Fitness 1:1

A tailor-made workout designed by a fitness coach or exercise physiologist will help you discover techniques for improved strength, flexibility, endurance and total movement quality.

Two men practicing a movement session
Nutrition 1:1

This customized session examines your daily nutrition rhythms to build strategies for optimal energy, immune function and/or athletic performance.

Raw tuna dish presented at Sensei by Nobu
Yoga 1:1

Expand your knowledge of postures, breathwork and the subtle body. This private tutorial will yield unique insights that enable you to progress while safely working around your personal abilities.

Woman practicing yoga outdoors
Mindset 1:1

This private session explores your approach to self-optimization with a performance psychology specialist. Use this time to investigate how mental habits, physical responses and routinized behaviors can serve you in pursuit of personal growth.

Fiery coals set before a sculpture garden
Meditation 1:1

Enjoy a guided meditation designed uniquely around your challenges and opportunities. These private sessions help you build the knowledge and confidence you need to incorporate meditation into your daily life.

Koi fish swimming at Sensei Lānaʻi
Exterior of a spa hale in lush surroundings
Spa Hale Experience

A freestanding spa hale and garden becomes your personal sanctuary to enjoy spa treatments or unwind at your own pace. Each private spa hale reservation incorporates 30 minutes to enjoy pre- and post-treatment steams and infrared saunas, an outdoor shower and soaking pool, and refreshments. A range of body and facial treatments feature signature Sensei fragrances, incorporating ancient healing practices and modern technology to nurture you in the most luxurious way possible.



Airy interior of a private spa hale
Thermal Body Mapping

A therapist will utilize Sensei-developed thermographic technology to create a visual map of your body, providing a custom massage that targets sources of tension.

Woman receiving a facial treatment
Custom Facial

This personalized experience will help to restore your skin’s natural radiance. Your esthetician will conduct a skin analysis and expertly tailor the treatment to your skin’s unique profile.

Man and woman swimming in a private pool
Aqua Therapy

While floating effortlessly in the warm waters of your hale pool, your therapist guides you through a series of intuitive stretches combining elements of massage, joint mobilization and shiatsu.

Close-up of hands giving a massage
Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi uses different styles developed through various lineages of Hawaiian ancestry to work on the body and tap into its natural healing processes.


Enjoy a diverse selection of yoga classes, including vinyasa and restorative practices that link breath with movement to help build strength, flexibility and balance. Classes are taught in the expansive Yoga Pavilion or in outdoor spaces throughout our property.

Exterior of the yoga pavilion
Advanced Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa mindfully links breath and movement into an uninterrupted flow. Challenging you both physically and mentally, this practice focuses on biomechanics, breathwork and strategic sequencing.

Vinyasa yoga pose inside a pavilion
Sensei Yoga Flow

Combining the three paths – movement, nourishment and rest – this class incorporates uplifting vinyasa flow (move), seated and restorative poses (nourish), and savasana (rest).

A woman practicing yoga
Yoga Basics

A practical introduction to the foundations of yoga, we break down basic postures with a focus on breathing and mindfulness.

Practicing yoga inside a pavilion

Tune in to your mind and body with guided meditation classes that encourage gratitude and self-compassion. Gain a deeper understanding of mindful awareness and explore how meditation can enhance your clarity and sense of self.

Restorative Sound Journey

This guided meditation is accompanied by a live soundscape of crystal alchemy bowls, drums, chimes, and various sound healing instruments.

Woman leading a restorative sound journey
Open Sky Meditation

Explore true awareness and settle into the play of sensations within the body before opening up to the world of sound and vastness of the sky beyond.

Clouds rolling over a field
Being Peace Walking Meditation

Opening to the joy and wonder of being alive in every moment, this walking meditation features select works of renowned poets.

Man enjoying a meditative stroll

Small-group fitness classes are led by knowledgeable trainers and include circuit and resistance training. We also offer guided hikes and walks that immerse you in the sweeping landscapes of Kōʻele. Tailor-made workouts with a private fitness coach help you discover techniques for full movement quality.

Close-up of woman exercising
Progressive Intervals

This advanced interval training class pairs high-intensity cardio with full-body resistance training. Switch between functional strength stations and progressive cardio bursts on the treadmill testing your focus and stamina.

Man exercising with a stability ball
Minimalist Resistance Training

The TRX suspension trainer, a mini-band and balance ball are all you need in this bodyweight training class to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stabilization.

Woman doing resistance training
Ridge Hike

Begin the day with a scenic four-mile hike through the lush green forest of Cook pines to the dusty red mesa overlooking neighboring Maui and Molokaʻi.

Couple gazing up at the trees in a forest
Functional Fascia

Learn how to foam roll effectively with this 60-minute soft-tissue manipulation clinic. Relieve tension, improve mobility and increase circulation by utilizing a series of simple rolling devices.

Close-up of woman exercising

Work with a specialist who will examine the role of nutrition in your life to help build strategies that fulfill your health and fitness goals. Tour our Lānaʻi farm to see how technology can help us grow more nutrient-rich vegetables.

Colorful tomatoes growing on the vine
Lānaʻi Explorations

Choose from an abundance of experiences in the surrounding nature. Start your day with an exhilarating electric mountain biking excursion or clay shooting at a 14-station course, followed by a luxurious sunset sail along the dramatic coastline. Explore land or sea on Lānaʻi by snorkeling, cultural tours or horseback riding.

Back view of woman overlooking water
Your Sensei Experiences

Up to 12 daily wellbeing activities are complimentary for every guest, with an updated schedule available in the Weekly Activity Calendar below. Our Experiences Menu below features current pricing and availability of Sensei’s exclusive collection of services, treatments and island activities.

Couple gazing up at the trees in a forest