Let us meet you on your wellbeing journey with the highest health and safety standards, detailed here.


Optimal Wellbeing Program

Nestled on the secluded Hawaiian island of Lānaʻi, Sensei’s five-day wellbeing retreat provides a serene and supportive environment to align your actions with your intentions.


A complimentary WHOOP wearable device is delivered to your home to track your daily behaviors, followed by a thorough fitness assessment upon arrival. Lean on the support of a Sensei Guide and an integrated team of wellness practitioners to distill that information into an understandable, actionable plan. This program also includes exclusive access to the Sensei Portal beginning prior to arrival and extending after your stay — a secure repository for biometrics, assessments, WHOOP data and Sensei Guide insights. 


The Optimal Wellbeing Program features all of the amenities of the Guided Sensei Experience, bolstered by additional support structures throughout your five-night stay including: a 10-point fitness assessment; three one-on-one sessions; and access to more than 60 outdoor excursions, fitness and movement sessions, and bodywork treatments in a private spa hale.


With rates beginning at $1,185 per night (single) / $1,715 per night (double) for a five-night minimum stay, this program includes:

  • A luxurious Four Seasons room and semi-private air travel from Oahu
  • A complimentary co-branded WHOOP Strap 3.0 wearable device (including a one-year membership) delivered to your home to begin tracking daily behaviors even before your arrival
  • A detailed Pre-arrival Questionnaire to help establish your intentions, lifestyle and motivations
  • An orientation session with your Guide to review your goals
    • This intro session welcomes you to Sensei Lana’i, establishes a wellbeing baseline by collecting blood pressure and body composition, performing a functional movement screen, and introducing you to your WHOOP data to prepare you for the journey ahead.
  • A thorough fitness assessment with your Guide to set your baseline composition
    • Refine your intention as you move through further assessments including grip strength, vertical jump, gait analysis, VO2 max and more. Alongside your Guide, you will review your data and begin to co-create lifestyle and behavior changes to support your best possible future self.
  • Thermal body mapping assessment or a featured spa service of your choice
    • In the comfort of your hale, a technician will use exclusive Sensei-developed thermographic technology to create a visual map of your body, revealing asymmetries, muscle tightness, and areas of pain. Equipped with this insightful data, your practitioner will provide a custom massage targeting the overactive tissues and sources of tension.
  • A dedicated Guide to coordinate your data, curate your itinerary and support you throughout your stay
  • Ongoing access to the Sensei Portal to track and understand your personal data points throughout and after your stay
  • Optional blood marker assessment setting baseline lifestyle data points
  • Three 1:1 private sessions focusing on mindset, nutrition and fitness
    • Mindset with Biomarkers – The state of mind we generate has a direct influence on our physiological health. Discover how biofeedback can be used to positively influence your heart rate variability (HRV) through techniques of focused breathing and emotional regulation.
    • Nutrition with Biomarkers – In this private session you will work with our Nutrition expert to discuss how to optimize your health and reduce common risk factors based on your blood biomarkers. Understanding your biomarkers and monitoring them over time is a powerful tool for preventative care in your pursuit of wellbeing.
    • Fitness with Biomarkers – In this private session you will work with our Movement expert to take a more in-depth look at the science of movement. Leveraging your data, we’ve collected thus far (Movement Analysis, Grip Strength, Sit to Stand, Vertical Jump, Gait Analysis, and VO2 Max) we will design a tailor-made training session that supports your needs to reach optimal.
  • $500 Wellness Credit to use toward 60 offerings, including spa and wellness experiences, sport and fitness and island excursions from the Experiences Menu, with priority booking
  • Priority access to daily small group yoga, fitness and meditation classes, as well as guided hikes and weekly lectures
  • A concluding My Plan session to help power actionable steps upon your return home, including a personalized Guide to Growth report
    • Reflect on your experience with Sensei and collaborate with your Guide to plan your most immediate and actionable next steps. Build your Guide to Growth by combining your personal experience with data metrics and expert analysis.


A 5-night minimum stay is required and additional nights can be added at any time. Please allow a minimum of 14 days prior to arrival to allow for optimal data collection so we can best prepare a personalized plan for your visit. Reservations require a 2-night deposit, non-refundable. Date changes are allowed based on availability.


For more information about the Optimal Wellbeing Program, contact one of our Sensei Specialists at Whoop@sensei.com or call us at 855-961-0077. 


Book Now by calling the Four Seasons Reservations team at 808-400-5734 and ask for the Optimal Wellbeing Program.