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Choose Your Stay at Sensei Lānaʻi,

A Four Seasons Resort

On the secluded Hawaiian island of Lānaʻi, immerse yourself in healthier living practices and integrate the Sensei paths of Move, Nourish and Rest into your wellbeing journey. Beginning with a complimentary, semi-private flight from Honolulu, every stay includes luxurious accommodations and a rotating collection of daily activities such as yoga, meditation, hiking and lectures. Within the traditionally spiritual highlands of Lānaʻi, swathed in mountain mists and Cook pine forests, discover lush gardens filled with world-class artwork and soothing water features. Here, best-in-class wellness practitioners turn to innovative technology and heartfelt intention to enhance your wellbeing. Experience the luxury of choice with the package that best matches your intentions.

Discover Sensei Experience Enjoy a taste of all that Sensei can offer you.
Guided Wellness Experience Personalize your wellbeing journey in an island sanctuary.
Optimal Wellbeing Program Dive into your health data in this structured 5-day program.
Golf Optimal Wellbeing Program Strengthen your wellbeing and golf performance.
Tennis Optimal Wellbeing Program Enhance your wellbeing and sports performance.
Sensei Sabbatical Experience Stay a month or longer in Sensei's replenishing environment.
Select-Choice Surround yourself with Sensei's amenities with a room-only rate.