Rest and Recovery Package - Sensei Lānaʻi, A Four Seasons Resort
Marc Quinn, Burning Desire, 2011. ©Marc Quinn. Jaume Plensa, Talaia, 2017. © Jaume Plensa, courtesy of the artist and Cambridge Art Gallery.
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Rest and Recovery Program

In one of the world’s most blissfully remote and inspirational destinations, Sensei’s Rest and Recovery Program invites you to slow your pace as you cultivate a path towards personal recovery. For those seeking a respite in nature that allows you to pause and mindfully reset, this structured five-night wellbeing program will help you learn techniques and develop practices to better manage stress, improve sleep, and establish healthy habits to move forward with renewed energy and restored balance.

An integrated team of Sensei Guides and experienced practitioners will support you along the way to better understand your current physical and mental state. Together you will develop a framework for managing stress in everyday life through one-on-one sessions that focus on: reclaiming restorative sleep; harnessing all five senses for optimal culinary nourishment; reconnecting with the body through mindful movement; and exploring the body’s stress responses in real-time.

Before embarking on your journey, hone in on your personal preferences through a pre-arrival questionnaire, begin tracking your sleep and recovery data on a wearable device, and connect with your Sensei Guide to co-create a personalized itinerary that aligns your wellbeing goals and intentions. Throughout your stay, you will enjoy two 90-minute restorative spa treatments of your choice in one of our 1,000 sq. ft. private spa hales, luxurious accommodations that inspire calm and serenity, an abundance of enriching wellbeing classes from breathwork to guided art tours, and one tailored session at the Lānaʻi Adventure Park to practice and master resilience. On your final day, meet with your Sensei Guide to reflect on your experience, review your key takeaways, and establish what practices you can take home with you for your continued greater wellbeing.

Package Highlights

Analyze the variables that impact the quality of your sleep using data from your personal life and wearable device. Facilitated by a Mindset Guide, together discuss behaviors to assist with falling asleep, staying asleep, waking up, and creating healthy habits around your pre-bedtime and morning routines to achieve restorative and sound sleep.

Package Highlights

Meet with a Sensei practitioner in a mindful movement private session to develop a personalized and inspiring movement practice that enhances your mind-body connection – choosing from nature-inspired practices like forest bathing, or breath and movement linking practices like yoga, fitness or tai chi.

Package Highlights

Enjoy two 90-minute spa experiences in the luxury of your own private spa hale equipped with steam, sauna, hot and cold plunge pools, and an intimate garden sanctuary. Choose from a menu of custom treatments and featured spa experiences, such as Aquatic Bodywork that invites you to float effortlessly in a warm pool while your therapist performs low-impact rhythmical movements allowing your body to drift into a deep state of relaxation.

Package Highlights

In a sensory eating private wellbeing session facilitated by a Nutrition Guide, you will learn the power of a restful state of mind and body during meal time for optimal digestion through artfully prepared cuisine by Sensei by Nobu.

Package Details Rates begin at $1,785 per night (single)/$2,490 (double).*
Package requires a 5-night stay range.
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  • Minimum five nights in wellness-oriented, open-concept accommodations (additional nights may be added separately)
  • Personal consultation with your Sensei Guide and Pre-Arrival Specialist to curate your itinerary up to 60 days prior to arrival
  • The pre-arrival process includes a WHOOP 4.0 strap with a twelve month membership, mailed to your home to track your sleep and recovery data
  • An orientation session with your Sensei Guide to review your goals and conduct your health assessments
  • An in-depth My Recovery session that explores your body’s stress responses as a Mindset Guide leads you through gentle cognitive exercises, measuring key biomarkers in real-time such as heart rate variability and heart rate recovery
  • (2) 90 minute Spa Experiences in your own 1,000-square-foot private spa hale or Salon Services of the same value
  • Access to the “Reframing Resistance” course at Lānaʻi Adventure Park to test your resilience and stress response in a real-world environment
  • A concluding My Plan session with your Sensei Guide to review actionable learnings for your return home, including a personalized Guide to Growth report
  • Wellbeing classes recommended by your dedicated Sensei Guide, pre-booked before your arrival
  • Ongoing access to the proprietary Sensei Portal to track and understand your personal data points during and after your stay
  • Two (2) post-stay phone calls with your Sensei Guide to check-in on progress towards goals and provide guidance for the future


Three private sessions including:

  • A Sleep 1:1 session that analyzes your sleep patterns and behaviors using data from your personal life and a wearable device to equip you with evidence-based strategies to achieve restorative sleep
  • A Sensory Eating 1:1 session that cultivates sensory awareness and aids in optimal digestion with healthful cuisine prepared by Sensei by Nobu
  • One Mindful Movement 1:1 session that improves your mind-body connection through a range of movement practices – from forest bathing to yoga, fitness and tai chi, the choice is yours


*All offers are subject to availability at the time of booking and length of stay requirements apply based on package selection. Offers are not valid in conjunction with any other offer or contract and do not apply to groups. Rates are per room, per night, vary by arrival date and do not include applicable taxes, service charges, levies, gratuities and surcharges, unless otherwise noted.