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Embrace the luxury of choice with a variety of packages and programs designed to meet your unique needs with private wellbeing consultations, spa treatments and tailored sports instruction. Our introductory packages are more self-guided by nature including daily Wellness Credits to use towards services, while our more structured Optimal Wellbeing programs invite you to discover how innovative technology and heartfelt guidance from best-in-class Sensei Guides, Wellness Practitioners, and Golf and Tennis Professionals can help strengthen your overall wellbeing, built around the Sensei paths of Move, Nourish and Rest.

Discover Sensei Experience Become acquainted with Sensei’s wellness offerings.
Guided Wellness Experience Let Sensei meet you at any point in your wellbeing journey.
Rest and Recovery Program Pause, Align & Rebalance in this 5-night mindset refresh
Optimal Wellbeing Program Harness your health data in a structured five-day wellness program.
Golf Optimal Wellbeing Program Enhance your wellbeing and sports performance.
Tennis Optimal Wellbeing Program Improve your wellbeing and tennis performance.
Sabbatical Experience Stay a month or longer in this desert sanctuary for an impactful wellbeing experience.